The Criminal Investigation Division consists of our county investigators. An investigation is usually initiated by the victim observing the crime or the effects left behind from a crime, a citizen may observe suspicious behavior or persons, or a Deputy on patrol may see suspicious behavior or persons.

A call is then placed in to dispatch and a deputy responds to the scene. The initial response is crucial to the success of an investigation.

The Deputy then takes an initial report, secures the scene, and contacts an investigator to respond to the scene. Once an investigator responds, the scene begins to be processed. First, photographs are taken of the scene or videotaped. Notes and/or sketches may be made. Next, investigators work to search and discover evidence.

The evidence is then collected. Witnesses may be interviewed, if applicable. The investigator then works to prepare, identify, and present the evidence to determine what happened and who is responsible.

Many cases require follow-up investigations. Once the responsible person is identified and arrest is made. The investigator then presents the case to the prosecutor.