The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is organized as the primary call response unit of the Sheriff's office. The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division officers are the most visible and recognized employees of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and are directly responsible for projecting a positive image for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. The Patrol Division Deputies complete the initial investigations into most criminal cases.

The Patrol Division Deputies are expected to respond in a timely manner to dispatched calls for service, to be aware of and aggressively pursue traffic and criminal offenses as they are discovered during the course of normal patrol.

The Patrol Division is staffed with 14 patrol officers, including Two Supervisors, with Patrol Officers working a 12-hour shifts.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office provides patrol officers with all the required equipment for duty including firearm, duty belt, uniforms and footwear. Patrol Officers are each issued a high capacity semi-automatic 45 caliber pistol, automatic rifle, short barreled shotgun or high capacity shotgun, and OC canister. In addition, select S.W.A.T. certified deputies are also issued precision rifles, grenade launchers, and entry tools - rams, bolt cutters, torch, etc.

In addition to it's other responsibilities, it is the mission of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office to successfully clear all open Felony, Class A and B Misdemeanor warrants and civil warrants issued by the courts. It is also within our mission to investigate runaway juvenile cases and bring them to a successful conclusion. The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is committed to your safety! We consistantly work to make and keep our roadways safe. In an effort to reduce crashes and injuries, we make enforcement of speed limits, seatbelts, and impaired driving violations a priority!